Sarah Constable (Director) 

I'm a publishing professional, based in the Cotswolds, with editing, project management and product development experience. Publishing work trains you to look for detail and to maintain a 'voice' when you communicate information, so it's an invaluable background for working with websites. 



A recent Web Angel client is a cancer charity that organises events and a runs a network of fundraisers to raise money for research at The Royal Marsden hospital. When they built their website, they realised that it was essential to have someone copywriting, uploading news and keeping a watchful eye on it for them. 



If you would like further information about what the Web Angel can do for your company, charity or organisation, please contact me on 07971 554112 or email sarah@theweb-angel.co.uk


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Telephone: 07971 554112

Email: info@theweb-angel.co.uk 


The Web Angel is based in the Cotswolds but can work virtually for your company, charity or organisation wherever you are based. We are happy to visit you for a face-to-face meeting to set up a project. 


Please email or phone on the number above for more information.