Whether your website is a shop front or a brochure site, sells services or products or is designed to raise money for charity or promote brand awareness, its content needs care...


In fact, it needs more than that – a successful website requires constant and consistent TLC to keep it fresh, accurate and enjoyable to visit. 


Here are some of the ways the WEB ANGEL can help ... 



Posting, uploading, refreshing 

Is your website up to date?  Does it look fresh?  Don't let your competitors steal a march on you by leaving your website to grow stale.


The WEB ANGEL will look after your site for an agreed number of hours per month so that you always have someone keeping it current for you.  




Watching over customer activity

If you have a discussion forum or feedback area on your website, do you check it regularly for criticism – or positive comments that could be added to your testimonials?


The WEB ANGEL can keep a watchful eye over it and keep you posted so that you don't miss out on valuable input. 

Keeping up with your competitors

Does your information reflect the current marketplace of your business?


In these fast-moving times, things can change fast and businesses need to keep pace with it. 


The WEB ANGEL can provide a Competitor Watch service for you so that you know exactly what other companies in your field are doing. 

Adding new content

Did you know that you can get a better Google ranking if you improve the quality and /or the amount of relevant content on your website? 

The WEB ANGEL can help you with this by adding or maintaining a blog, providing new information or more product details.

Updating news 

Keep your website current by keeping your news stories up to date. When visitors see items that have just been posted they know this is a company that moves with the times.


The WEB ANGEL can keep you on track with all your breaking news. 

Checking, checking, checking

If your website has errors in prices, facts, product details, spelling or grammar, it will look as if you are a company that doesn't care. Every piece of copy needs another eye over it to see inconsistencies and errors. 


The devil is in the detail – so don't let your website give the wrong impression of your company.


Get a fresh WEB ANGEL eye over your website.